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The elimination play off for the South Island spot in the New Zealand Secondary Schools Rugby League national tournament will be between St Thomas of
488 days ago 0
Blowflys to be to good for poodles,
interesting (for them - mo one else will c)to see who will win seagulls, or pussycats
Keas to good for tin
509 days ago 1
There are 2 places available for the South Island at this tourney, one at premier level the other at emerging schools level. as far as I am aware, Ara
516 days ago 1
Talking to one of the Halswell under 16's, someone from Cele rang him and 4 other boys up to recruit them. offer was kit, no subs and $60 per win. Goo
516 days ago 3
Seagulls 12+ Blowflies 12- Panthers 12- Budgies 20+
589 days ago 5
Really looking forward to this season. Heard there have been alot of player movements which should bolster some playing rosters. Anyone know of any ot
589 days ago 9
Who will be the team to suprise this year? My pick is the Hornets. If the salary cap allows them to get everyone the want (from Cele) then they should
589 days ago 6
I've heard the Linwood Keas are trialling against Hornby (20th) and Ricc (26th). Anyone else got trials coming up?
589 days ago 11
New member and a new resident in NZ from Australia. Just wondering does anyone know what NRL games are broadcast on free to air here? I'm hoping I wo
589 days ago 4
have heard many a rumour about what is happening with the transfers in and out of Celebration.ANy thoughts?
589 days ago 39
Any got any info on the trials that have been played over the weekend?
589 days ago 5
http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10708373 RIP Jeff.....such a tragic loss......hang in there guys from the deep south,
589 days ago 2
Welcome back to Wellington Rugby league - Trentham!! I hear that Masterton are trying to start a team up again, to join the Wellington Comp.
589 days ago 3
I am hearing that Whiti Te Ra have disbanded due to in house fighting. Hope this is incorrect!
589 days ago 10
cant wait for the Fox Grading to start... would be interesting to see how Pt Chev will handle being in the Big Leagues, how Otahuhu can handle life
589 days ago 0
Welcome back to competitive Blenheim. Good luck playing in the Tasman Rugby League competition this season. Heard you have been getting 25-30 players
589 days ago 5
How good is this Warriors! bloody awsome! Please donote to the Earthquake appeal, click on the banner on the left it goes to the Red Cross website!
589 days ago 1
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589 days ago 0
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589 days ago 0
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